Groomiez Pet Door

We are proud to have worked with Queens University Belfast on the design of the Groomiez Pet Door as the first of a range of exciting new products we are developing.

The main driver for the development of this product was to have a method of controlling unwanted pet hair without any effort required by the owner or the animal. Current methods require either the owner to brush the pet or for the pet to engage with some equipment in a set manner.

Time is a valued commodity for modern pet owners and pets do not generally use toys in the way we initially hope.

We looked at the products currently available on the market which could be improved to provide extra functionality of tackling unwanted pet hair that required both no effort from the pet owner and compelled the animal to use it in the required manner.

We designed the Groomiez Pet Door to do just that.


  • Trap pet hair, dirt, allergens and parasites before it gets on clothes and furniture
  • Encourage a shiny healthy coat
  • Easy clean - rinse under water to remove fur and dirt
  • Comfort feel brush provides a firm and thorough brush
  • 360° brush contact for head to tail brushing
  • No effort required from owner or pet




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